Net loan platform capital or need to set the threshold of 50 million necessary

in September 12th, 2015 by the "daily economic news" hosted "(third) Chinese Internet financial innovation and development forum will be held in Shenzhen, which will be released" 2015 Chinese Internet Financial billboard, in the selection criteria on the P2P platform background as one of the important reference index. At the same time, the Internet financial background in the "basic law" has landed, recently, the P2P platform will improve the paid in capital or the news caused concern to the industry, and in the "competition of family background" era, investment institutions for net lending platform attitude change and other issues, is also worthy of further discussion.

is known as the Internet financial "basic law" of the "guidance" on promoting the healthy development of Internet financial industry after the introduction of related segments such as the third party payment, such as private lending policies are starting to fall.

at present, the details of the P2P network lending has not yet introduced. However, the industry’s discussion of the rules and discussion continues. Recently, there are rumors that the CBRC is considering raising the paid capital of the P2P platform, the standard or requirement to reach 50 million yuan.

this, the industry told the daily economic news reporter, set the threshold requirement is entirely possible, but also necessary.

industry: improve the threshold of reasonable

industry regulatory details of the P2P industry for a long time, many people also believe that the P2P platform requires a certain threshold.

the past two years, the rapid development of Internet banking, the growth rate of P2P is even more impressive. However, at the same time, the phenomenon of fraud and foot platform frequently appear.

According to the

network home loan statistics, as of the end of July 2015, the normal operation of platform 2136, growth of 5.32%. Among them, the number of new on-line platform for 217, the new problem platform 109. In the first half of this year, the problem platform up to 419, is the same period last year, the number of times, and more than last year, the number of problem platform (2014 annual problem platform for the 275).

in fact, since last year, there has been news that the P2P industry will require a certain amount of registered capital. At that time, the industry to discuss more, or the registered capital of the threshold set at 10 million yuan, but since then there is no relevant regulatory rules promulgated. Recently, with the industry regulatory policy on the P2P industry will gradually fall, the registered capital increased to 50 million voice again.

an industry source said that the establishment of this threshold is entirely possible, this matter has been discussed last year.

although the current situation, whether on the platform of capital requirements has not yet conclusive, but it seems many people in the industry, although the P2P positioning information intermediaries, setting the threshold of capital requirement is still necessary.

people’s loan world CEO Liu Jun on the "daily economic news"