Why is the website domain name sell Association initiated by xx.cn

renamed China (eName.cn) February 11th news, recently, hang Wei will be regarded as "heart" of the new network domain name xx.cn to sell, he sold in WeChat circle of friends address him not happy, not the red hair". Not long ago, another domain name investors will use it for more than and 10 years without worry about the official website of the platform to start the domain name wuyou.com, the price of one million yuan to sell, after the call straight regret". In the domain name of the investment community, the site has been a lot of examples of the sale of the domain name, let us take a look at what are the classic cases.

Yang Mi fans official website domain name yangmi.com was sold

as everyone knows, the replacement of domain name on a web site for this domain There are both advantages and disadvantages., if the original is not how good, for a more fit the brand image of the domain name, the nature is the icing on the cake; but if the domain name is the good domain, because of some other factors and the sale of the domain name, that is another matter. After all, people of the original domain name is very familiar with, if the site will continue to operate, and hastily changed the domain name, then the user to remember new domain name, may have certain effects on the original site traffic.


figure: Yang Mi fans official website screenshot

at the end of last year, the official Yang Mi fans and Yang Mi Tencent Luyuan micro-blog also released news, the official Yang Mi website domain name changed to yangmi.org, yangmi.com to suspend the use of domain name. Then check that the original domain name holder yangmi.com was sold.

let’s take a look at the domain name, yangmi.com name "Yang Mi", and Yang Mi as a pop star, only Sina, micro-blog have about forty million fans, high popularity, the current Baidu search index nearly 150 thousand. Like such a domain name, used to build the site, then its traffic and click on the inevitable low. In addition, the domain name is also associated with the current very hot sea Amoy career, which has the meaning of foreign honey, used to build a cross-border electronic business platform can also be.

like this has been the site of the domain name is sold there are many, such as worry free platform to sell millions of dollars to the domain name wuyou.com, after the opening of the new domain name wuyou.net. And sell the new Hangwei net domain name xx.cn, the domain name is still a new name "click on the surface, but the whois registration information display is very convenient for the Nanjing Cci Capital Ltd. Coincidentally, these two sellers are sold in the domain name shouted "not happy", the two names are fine, it makes people so tough.

site closed domain name is sold: YAHOO to sell Bix.com


diagram: Bix.com page screenshot

site failures caused by the domain name auction case repeatedly