Big company marketing guide how big boss impress

this is the final chapter of this series. The big company marketing story had much to say, but then so write down, I am afraid to become the enemy of big brother yogurt company. Taking into account the future is likely to work with them, some temporary convergence.

final chapter, of course, must be more exciting. So I chose a large company marketing department’s ultimate proposition: how big boss impress. Big boss, meaning the top of the food chain in the big company. The marketing department, vice president of marketing (Marketing VP) is the big boss of the introductory paragraph; advanced, is the general manager of the company, or the same level of all regional or global chiefs and extreme; models, is the world’s ultimate big boss, CEO.

is a hard nut to crack for brand managers. Even see, most of the time can only view. As for the opportunity to face to face exchanges, once a year, you are HR mouth potential (high potential) high.

is the opportunity to determine your future. If you are successful in his / her impress, you may embark on the occupation career of helicopter; if you are poor performance may not be rolled over in this company. (I don’t think alarmist, I saw two colleagues because of the big boss in a meeting wrong, since then every promotion will not be.


on this topic, if O is second, no company can call the first. Because they are the world’s largest boss, every year to china…… They are certainly thoroughly tempered, impress big boss industry leaders.

said they had to make big boss visit to Beijing when you can see the posters of the company, spent hundreds of thousands of yuan to rival E, for a day in the Wangfujing gold advertising.

said to them in order to ask tough questions when the boss can take time for some of the data, "everyone has to prepare thick". Moreover, to recite. Well, that’s the book".


said their attention, in order to cause the big boss of the The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Gexianshentong. For example, even if it is only responsible for the switch in the conference room projector, also wearing 10 cm high heels and low cut low to navel dress.

also said a scheming woman rumors at the breakfast when deliberately spilled the coffee spilled on the body, big boss. So take the clothes to take a paper towel to wipe the mouth, succeeded in making the big boss to remember their names and faces……

onlookers eyes, full of envy and jealousy and hate.


in order to confirm these rumors, I also contacted several O company director. Their feedback is: < >