Exploration of network marketing — the value of QQ character signature

said "QQ" for every one of our network marketing explorers, have a great feeling! The longest words "disposable chopsticks, also can become a small tree in the Tencent". Tencent does have such power, strong coverage of QQ user terminals, is a network company can not be compared. I have a lot of new friends on the business card to put only a "MSN" timely communication Id, but "MSN" to say a few words, you will ask me: do you have QQ?… I think this is a universal!

"QQ" has a lot of fun features, although he is copying others, but in the "QQ" platform do not have a taste. For example "QQ character signature" is a very interactive fun a function, every time I change my "QQ character signature" will bring a lot of friends and friends of the attention, they will leave a message or greetings to ask. We used this way to share their feelings, to tell you what I’m doing! For example: "I was on a business trip that day to day come back!" this form of announcement that "I love this kind of mood" talk, he will have a lot of friends care, there is my own (Jiang Zhimin QQ) the signature ".Net engineer" this type of work. "QQ character signature" is a good "Bib", because we are very concerned about QQ friend’s signature.

if you give me the QQ signature into a kind of advertising! One day I saw the famous personal webmaster "Guo Jijun" signature is personalized gift customized information, because "Guo Jijun" is a very prestigious webmaster, his information attention degree is very high, this kind of QQ signature information quickly in his QQ friends exposure. I am very funny in the QQ asked Guo Jijun, your QQ signature according to the form of advertising to sell how much money I need a day! I want to have a day of celebrity QQ signature can really for money.

QQ signature advertising features:

, can be said that he is a viral marketing

two, the speed of transmission (update your signature, your friends will prompt)

three, interactive strong

four, low cost (for free QQ)

"QQ" is a powerful master of Chinese Internet users, his marketing value is worth digging! QQ signature is just a marketing part, such as the QQ mailbox marketing, I will use my case to tell you.

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Author: Jiang Zhimin