Use e-mail to promote good grasp of the method will never be eliminated

mail promotion is website promotion in a common way, once known as one of the most effective way of promotion, but in recent years, to promote the mail seems to have not for the majority of owners are respected, so mail promotion is a big trend gradually withdraw. But in fact, e-mail promotion, as long as a good grasp of the essentials of promotion, rational use, or will highlight its true colors. The author combined with relevant information and mail promotion we talked about how to use the mail for effective promotion.

Advantages and disadvantages of

mail promotion


1 low cost input high returns.

2 fast increase site traffic. Although sometimes it may be that users inadvertently click on the link in the message content, but it does bring the initial visit to the site.

3 identify and develop potential customers. Mail promotion may be the first big network, but in the hundreds of thousands of letters issued by the general will have a small part of the potential customers, such as the reply to the mail is the target customers, you can conduct a follow-up visit. And, after the mail group circle locked on the site every time online activities can be registered by the registered users and potential users to promote.

disadvantages: (with personal solutions)

1 many sites in the promotion, almost all the way to promote the use of e-mail. Mass mailing itself is also a large network to find small fish method, coupled with a lot of companies have the weight rather than the attitude of heavy, therefore, a large number of people in the mailbox spam". It is obvious that many users do not pay attention to this message or delete it directly.

(solve the proposal: pay attention to the quality of the content of the mail: according to the characteristics of the site, we sent the initial message is to tell you that there is such a platform, the platform is doing. Post mail is generally a notice of the current site offers. The mail content is not suitable for a long and minute statement it should be more used, like a real life single advertising content, simple and intuitive, won’t let users read on long to know what is meant to convey.

pay attention to the title of the message. All users know that the use of online mail, open the mail inbox, the first show in front of the mailing list, the list is displayed as the title + e-mail content as follows:

The title of the

is best intuitive and attractive, the possibility of increasing the user clicks, of course, can not be inconsistent with the problem of random fabrication. Do not use similar to this, in addition to the current is in need or have the intention to buy a battery car users will pay attention to the point of view, there is no need for users will be deleted directly.

2 because the mail promotion is through the collection of Internet users email address, forced to send mail, so most of the situation is not after the user agreed to send the mail in the past, if long-term bombing of mass, may become users of the website brand Yin >