30 minutes to teach you to create a space of 1 cattle QQ star!

This article

pure dry cargo, more than words, want to make money from the star please read carefully.

yesterday a lot of people with Yutian QQ.

reason is that I published a four years of entrepreneurial stories in a well-known domestic website!

may edit think write away, it is recommended to the home page.

so the major sites have reproduced.

a lot of people think I am Daniel, in fact, I am an ordinary young people can no longer ordinary.

but I am such a very ordinary person, why can have some small popularity on the Internet?

is actually very simple, because I dare to write something out of their own hearts, their own stories to write, and many friends for a variety of reasons, will not write, do not want to write!

In fact, a lot of people to write the story of

is very wonderful! Write someone must look!

here I want to say a word: as long as you dare to write, some people dare to see, as long as you dare to sell, some people dare to buy!

this is an expert said, I saw this sentence at that time, I decided, I want to write! Then I began to write the first article


at that time I was acting a lamp factory project, want to sell lamps, but can not sell!


because others are very sophisticated businessmen experience lamps, and I was a fledgling small agency.

I think, certainly not recklessly can Quxianjiuguo,


I want to buy their lamps, others are directed to their products to go, but if I can write some common sense lamps and lamps to choose stories, others are not to trust me? Then I from here to buy the


so I wrote a story, but did not write directly to the lamp, because the trust is gradually increasing, you want others to have confidence in you is impossible!

finished my own story, the story of the previous venture, that is, before doing the media before, do marketing story, I did not expect the fire!

then I added a paragraph in the back of the log!

"I now open a new small business, is selling lamps, you need it I can help

to buy!"

contact information and store addresses are left!

so… There are really a few consulting!

I think it’s OK,


so, in the logo project, the middle interspersed with lights (to do the time can be ignored), and then I’m going to do a direct way to log in marketing, you will know!

two years later, I wrote an article