The global.CN domain name registration nearly 9 million 610 thousand of the total net increase of 77

IDC Review Network ( reported on December 19th: Recently, China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the latest registration data.CN domain name. It shows that as of November 2013, the global.CN domain name registration total has increased to 9609571 last month, a net increase of 778528, a larger increase. According to the analysis of recent.CN domain growth, by the end of this year or will exceed 10 million of total domain.CN.

  (Figure 1).CN domain growth trend chart

so far in 2013,.CN domain growth growth is not stable, as one falls, another rises, but overall, growth is gratifying. During the 1-7 months,.CN domain name registration was a ladder growth. But in August,.CN registration volume fell, but fortunately the next three months,.CN domain name again picked up. November,.CN domain name registration to the highest value, nearly 9 million 610 thousand.

below, IDC review network with everyone concerned about November,.CN domain name registration.

  (Figure 2) November.CN domain name statistics chart

Figure 2

according to the statistics shown in the table, the.Cn domain name registration total champion, obvious advantages, increased to 8269126, the proportion is as high as 86.1%. Followed by domain name, the registered amount of 980892, accounting for more than 10.2%. While other.Cn suffix domain names are less than 3%.

The domain name registration is only 123947, accounting for 1.3% of the total; domain name is 58657, accounting for 0.6%; 54657, 0.6%; domain name registrations for 113767, accounted for 1.2%;, and domain name registration is less, respectively 4140, 4081 and 65.