2011 nternet Conference Huang Xiangyang domain name system management key

August 23rd afternoon news, 2011 China Internet Conference opened today. In the afternoon of the keynote speech, director of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Computer Network Information Center, director of the China Internet Network Information Center, said Huang Xiangyang, 57% of the operational analysis server are at risk.

Huang Xiangyang said, according to the China operations services and Security Survey in 2011, 57% of the focus of the operational analysis of the server in a state of risk, only about 11% of the operational analysis server level is good. According to statistics, the world’s major operational safety incidents in 2009 was 11, in 2010 was from the beginning of 2011 by the end of June for the 26 up to 17.

in how to build a secure Internet, Huang Xiangyang believes that the core issue is the management of IP address and domain name system management. It is understood that the domain name in CN platform, global Wuzhou has established 11 centers, Beijing and Sichuan established two disaster recovery center.

Huang Xiangyang said that the Internet Network Information Center has launched a cloud analytical services, will also be built for the future of the next generation of Internet domain name system, such as domain name analysis support IPv6.