Talking about your company is suitable for writing soft Wen

first of all, to answer this question, we must first find out what is the purpose of the soft


with the soft sister may be able to pull some relationship. What is the soft sister, Baidu encyclopedia explanation: metaphor refers to those who have eyes soft, gentle voice, soft waist and other external features, gentle personality and mostly stay young women with natural attributes. At first glance, soft and soft sister too much. In fact, the focus is on the soft, but one thing is a thing.

"eyes soft, gentle voice" means that people feel soft at first glance like a spring breeze blowing gently, without any utilitarian. "Soft waist" means and other articles look like ordinary, but in fact it is after thoroughly tempered and come, put each paragraph, to show the strength of the language are used in the article, the eye feels convex. Of course, can not stay in the soft natural, let the customers or consumers through the soft, must finally let them see like a strong woman generally ready to (Baidu strong woman details). This is the ultimate purpose of soft, so that people have been met, but also aroused the desire to further understand, so that the soft Wen will succeed.

so what kind of enterprise is suitable to do soft Wen promotion to attract consumers?

medical class

health is closely related to everyone. Moreover, with the accelerated pace of life and excessive flourishing days increased the number of people physical problems, so long as slightly with their own health useful drugs, health products, there will be people who didn’t hesitate to spend money to buy health. So, the medical enterprise that attracts consumers such concerns and luck, a whoop and a holler products. Big to TV ads, small to the roadside magazine. But compared to these promotion methods, soft Wen promotion is the lowest cost effect is better. Indeed, medical soft love with no integrity and exaggerated soft eye, profiteering. But in fact, the effect is that people read the article not only will not affect the product, but also to the public aversion. So this will give medical soft promotion a warning, do not try to use exaggerated soft to get married (to network advertising products, will eventually backfire.

"female" commodity class

as long as it is able to change the beauty of women in the industry, such as clothing, slimming, cosmetics, etc.. These can increase the intensity of soft propaganda. In general, this type of company will choose to publish a soft text on the women’s Web site, such as posters, Wyatt has network, etc., but the cost of the manuscript is very high. If the company has just started or small scale, or just do Taobao business, want to do the promotion of soft words do not need to be published on the portal. I believe that the media is more suitable for the dissemination of female products, micro-blog, forums, blogs and other places are good places. After all, the women’s group is a huge network of communication, women generally like to gather together to discuss the pros and cons of the product, to promote women’s way of women can improve women’s products >