2017 Wangzhuan experience sharing always do best.

first in here for you. I hope you pay New Year’s call, 2017 everything, great luck in making money get more happy, you can start to get to


Internet has created many myths, also allow yourself to re-examine the future development of the road, after all the efforts and opportunities are indispensable, then I feel standing on the air, pigs can fly, coupled with its own really prefer writing, so I took the first step of Wangzhuan road. And this step not only promote their understanding of Wangzhuan system, more let oneself summed up the Wangzhuan advanced road.

Do Wangzhuan

must have got the "craft"

– we entered Wangzhuan industry, can say everything from the beginning, this time you really want to do something, I want to have a professional skills are essential. I do early questionnaire, like forwarding even Taobao brush comments, these things are very simple and no technical content, was also the line just did not know Taobao customers, owners and the like, just want to earn a little money, although these are very simple things, but let me have a preliminary understanding of Wangzhuan: on the network to make money actually what is not difficult, as long as willing to spend time to do the most basic porters, certainly can earn pocket money. But just because this is clearly unable to meet our higher mind, after all, do these things to earn the money is too small, not worth mentioning. If you do this for a long time, will not give up the initiative will certainly give up. So this time we have to think about what to do in order to earn the ideal income I summed up, there are four points:

first, the market demand is stable enough. You do have to pay someone to make money, as a direct gold, I think there is no need to open up an unknown field, we should as far as possible into a mature and stable field to start our Wangzhuan road.

second, to have the ability to perform a task. Since you don’t want to simply do, toil (Ban Yungong) you need to contemplate what their excellent skills, so as to achieve the requirements and skills, and allowing you to make an ideal income. You will be able to build technology, design templates and sold, you can also promote marketing, independent orders to help pick up a single brush. As for me, good in writing, and in the field of writing, the main brand story and news writing etc..

three, to persevere. Understanding and the real order to do, the gap between the two is still very large, as a novice, when you choose a certain area as their main direction, then it is necessary to do one step at a time. Early due to lack of customers and lack of operational capacity, business is certainly not as good as expected, but the main stick and continue to learn and improve themselves, get enough orders just a matter of time.

fourth, choose a good platform. When you think about your main attack direction, and make clear what your strengths and weaknesses