Website operation and development problems

the operation of a large web site, can not do without a team of close collaboration. In this team, mainly by the website operation and development of two parts. However, in many aspects of experience, work roles and cognitive level, there is a big difference between the website operators and developers, which will result in many aspects of site planning, development and other on-line contradictions and conflicts. To deal with the problem of website operation and development is an important factor to decide whether a website project can succeed finally. Combined with some knowledge of the site operation for several years, I summed up the following views. There are successful experience, but also the lessons of failure, to share with you.

How does the

website operation lead the demand analysis, which makes the research and development adapt to it?. In the project development process, is often the case that: operators provide already in place, and the developers think demand is still not detailed enough, leading to not start, both sides debated.

on this issue, we should first clear the operational needs of the dominant position. Operators in the planning, development and operation of the various stages of the project, the need for the development of the project as far as possible clear analysis and elaboration, to facilitate developers to accept and implement. It is the main task of the developer to make the system and technical analysis. In some cases, the description of the implementation of the operational requirements is really fuzzy, which requires the development of analytical personnel to communicate with the operator and to "translate" for the realization of the system to provide the optimal logic processing mechanism.

if the operation personnel can as much as possible to consider the site architecture, planning on overall demand, this paper provides a more detailed logical relationship, at the same time, developers can also focus on the needs of operators to understand the intentions, grasp the direction of demand and subdivision, above that this problem can be smoothly done or easily solved admission.

How to communicate effectively

operations and developers? Operators and developers in communication often speak the same situation. Operators considered are website does not reflect the original intention? Whether it is convenient for users to operate and daily management? How to adjust the layout to make the site more attractive? And developers is more sites have not designed in accordance with the implementation of the "requirements"? There are bugs and redundancy is too complex where? The query conditions will affect the overall performance of the website? Both at the time of communication, will be in accordance with their own thinking to point out each other’s shortcomings, which is difficult to carry on communication.

to solve the problem of effective communication, the first is to strengthen business learning. Do operations, a little technology does not understand, do not take into account the performance of the system, the realization of the mechanism and feasibility, it is not good to operate. The same is not only the development of the task as the core to the requirements of the statute as the standard. If you do not understand the intention of development, then the development of the site is too mechanical, can not meet the needs of. Second, we must be good at listening and affirming the other’s demands, in the attitude of empathy