Promotion with Baidu platform

a promotion platform: Baidu know and Baidu post bar.

two operation:

1, Rss subscribe to the latest issue of a specific keyword: the problem comes out, as far as possible in the first time to answer in the past, and as much as possible to fight for their answers are taken as the correct answer. As far as possible to help users to guide traffic to the blog.

2, the vest question and answer: a total of five or six times, all failed.

3, go to the relevant post bar release corresponding resources: go to Baidu related post bar publishing resources.

three reflection:

1, I just registered two ID, one of the ID all the answers and posts are about the specific keywords.

2, whether it is to know the answer or in Baidu Post Bar post in Baidu, it was all a bit a few minutes for act with undue haste, sending dozens of posts. I have all the posts in the excel table, as well as the link to answer questions are retained, the time after the inspection found that the contents of the hair in a short time, basically have been deleted, whether it is known or stick.

four: Oh

time after two or three months, the blog in other search engine rankings gradually rise, but always not included in Baidu. I have to implement the following remedies:

1, to stop the promotion of Baidu related platform, while continuing to update the blog.

2, looking for the PR as well as some of the updated frequently, in Baidu’s higher weight site to do the chain, is still not included in Baidu. Even now, more than half a year has passed, and has not been included in Baidu.

five experience:

1, a single account is best not only limited to answering a question of a category, or only send a category of posts.

2, whether it is to answer questions or post, do not be too frequent.

3, if you want to bring the extension of the link, it is best to place the reference site, do not put the contents of the answer directly.

4, Baidu know the above anti cheating efforts are very large in Baidu, so don’t play games easily answer — even if you change IP, and even called friends help are very likely to fail.

5, the site has not been included in Baidu before, do not easily in the Baidu platform to do high-density promotion. Although you can bring a lot of traffic, but it is likely not to try. As for the collection, in the promotion of high-density Baidu will not appear this problem, there is no test, unknown. Welcome friends to test the experience.

6, the site has not been included in Baidu before, do not easily in the Baidu platform to do high-density promotion, this is because I built a few new experimental nature