Flash surrender HTML5 will be the next generation of web standards to achieve more features

with the increasingly powerful HTML5, the page will achieve more and more features. This change is accelerating.

              text |CBN intern reporter Li Xuelan

Flash surrendered.

we’re talking about the mobile internet. Flash Adobe, a patent holder is right, the invention of the famous PhotoShop software company, last week announced a message: give up on mobile devices such as mobile phone support for Flash, the company will not invest any resources.

over the past more than and 10 years, Flash has been the standard format of the page in the display of multimedia content, it is also one of the most important Adobe companies in addition to other products such as PhotoShop profit means. Flash animation has become fashionable for a time with Flash production, online advertising is still everywhere. There are uploaded to the Youtube video, in the early days are mostly Flash format.

The rise of the

technology comes from the browser wars of the late 1990s. At that time, Netscape and Microsoft with their own browser for the market, but the fierce competition has led to network publishers encounter compatibility problems between different browsers: to go beyond the opponent, Netscape and Microsoft in their browser integration of proprietary technology, "extended" existing technical standards, in order to make your site look different in front of the user terminal. As a result, the effect of each browser is different, which brings confusion to web developers and users.

, a company called Macromedia, found the opportunity to develop Flash, which was later acquired by Adobe. Flash from the date of birth, with a unified solution appearance, is widely applied to the production of network multimedia web and make web pages to become rich and colorful, is no longer monotonous in different thickness and different sizes of text or pictures, and there were few can compete with Flash similar technology.

but the torrent of technology is always rolling forward. More than and 10 years later, the problem of Flash is becoming more and more serious as mobile devices become the mainstream equipment for surfing the Internet and entertainment. For example, it is too much power, and the most important thing is the phone and tablet PC Power life, in addition, Flash will take up too much valuable memory resources of mobile devices. But whether it is technical or business strategy, Adobe will not take the initiative to change the situation, after all, no company is willing to break their own can not lose the business model.

those who need to compete for the right to speak in the mobile Internet era of big companies – Apple, Google and Microsoft, do not think so. February 2010, with iPad>