CNZZ 09 in the first half of the tourism website development report

is one of the tourism industry website application of Internet technology in the traditional industry, the network has become a crucial tourism promotion mode, tourist attractions with tourism resources website, the website published by the travel agency travel information and online sales of tourism products, visitors to share their travel experience in the community communication platform provides comprehensive business; travel service and personal integrity and rich, the authority of the tourism industry more vertical industry portal site for the majority of Internet users. People can now be very convenient to travel on the site to understand the various travel information.

during the first half of 2009, the tourism industry website in its number of sites, the overall Internet users have made considerable progress. As a well-known independent third party data analysis service provider CNZZ, the flow through the macro data of tourism industry website analysis and calculation for the development of the website of an inventory, after the inventory, we hope that people can be more according to the objective data more intuitive understanding of the current situation and characteristics of the tourism industry website the.

analysis of tourism website traffic

in the first half of 2009, the new tourism industry related sites have sprung up. At the end of June 2009, engaged in the tourism industry in the China website on the Internet site number trend diagram is as follows:

CNZZ statistics show that in the first half of 2009, the number of websites in the tourism industry grew by 31.74%, this rate is not less than the growth rate of other popular industry sites.


website in the tourism industry and the emergence of a large number, more and more people are browsing through the tourism web site to understand the relevant tourist information, figure 2 shows the overall trend of the second half of the entire industry website flow on 2009. Of course, the growth of traffic is also closely related to the popularity of the Internet and sustainable development, in fact, among the various Internet industry, the growth of the tourism industry is not very prominent.

tourism industry site type proportion analysis

in the tourism site, providing a variety of travel information and services of the number of integrated tourism website. The growth of the number of regional tourism sites is relatively fast, the proportion of the number of types of sites are as follows:

tourism website visitor source analysis

The most important purpose of

tourism website is to attract people to travel, so it is of great significance to understand the source and browsing behavior of web users, and to release the tourism information. CNZZ statistics show that the tourism industry users are mainly distributed in the municipalities and provinces of large and medium cities. Especially in economically developed areas. These city residents have a strong willingness to travel, the income level is relatively high, with the double condition of spiritual and material to travel to travel, so the tourism industry should continue to focus on large and medium-sized city site visitors.

comparison of the number of domestic web sites, the number of foreign visitors >