Nora CEO Wang Xin pizza change pains after more clear management

when a small business suffering from leadership worship disease, how to treat the inspired by split pizza, Wang Xin set off a storm in the management revolution. Although there are pains, but after the change, more clear management, Wang Xin’s most cherished innovation can be restored.

"China Economic Weekly" reporter Song Xuelian Beijing reported


September 16th, "Fang" finally let the king sighed Xinchang.

as Shenzhen Nora Technology Limited (hereinafter referred to as NORA) founder and chairman, Wang Xin patent so hard to accept him, but is the innovation in the industry for a period of time fast, no new product was born.


"Fang" was originally called "our guest (video sharing) Department of computer", is a box of products, can be a computer or mobile device to display content on a TV screen, this is the second, Nora big screen Wang Xin again served as CEO since Nora launched another innovative product.

from 2011 to 2012 outside CEO, do CEO, Wang Xin accept the "Chinese Economic Weekly" interview, admitted that it was owed a lot of debt period, in order to "debt", Wang Xin started in the company introduced a "pizza culture", "time, when the few people rely on the conduction band, when many people the culture becomes especially important".

is headquartered in Shenzhen Nora was founded in 2007, and in the early access to the 360 company chairman Zhou Hongyi and former chief operating officer of Tencent has invested in Li qing. Experienced barbaric growth, Nora quickly established their position in the industry, for many of the country’s television, film and television sites to provide a complete HD video solutions to reduce bandwidth costs.

but Wang Xin is not satisfied with the development of Nora after growth. Wang Xin told the China Economic Weekly, hundreds of employees of the scale of Nora, premature suffering from the big business disease".

leadership worship:

is not large enterprises suffering from large enterprise disease

July 2011, the external CEO in place.

but in the second half of 2011, Baidu video began to cause a huge impact on nora. "Baidu has done exactly the same thing as us, and in theory, we’re going to be wiped out in minutes." Wang Xin recalls.

fortunately, Nora by virtue of years of accumulation and technical advantages over. Wang Xin frankly, thanks to Nora’s sense of mission.

enterprises have their own direction and mission. Our mission has always been to do the best entertainment technology companies in China, so we do not make money, do not make money. Baidu player, just to prevent other people’s mission is to attack, its accessories. And imitate fast, because Nora is a small company, good fight." Wang Xin said, Baidu video without innovation, only plagiarism, so lost in our feet."