Novel network infringement was sentenced how legitimate site is more important

network infringement has always been a major problem in the Internet industry, in the literature, movies, music, pictures and other areas of network infringement is common. Usually due to piracy, the distribution of a wide range of prosecution network infringement is not much. But for large fiction sites, a variety of their own books were caused by the loss of piracy so they had to pick up the legal weapons to protect copyright. For those infringing sites, the temptation to be tempted by the interests of perhaps they regret.

related cases:


novel 5200 network was sentenced to violate the grand literary copyright

a few days ago, according to said, "5200 novels" website tort case, recently published by the Zhenjiang City Intermediate People’s Court of final appeal case, two suspects xiaomou, AI for the crime of copyright infringement were sentenced to 3 years imprisonment, suspended for 3 years, 1 years imprisonment, suspended for 1 years. According to the survey, "the novel 5200" website for the purpose of profit, copying a grand literary copyright ownership of the novel "the sky" "" "such Xiuxian mortal evil Prince", the "sky" in the website of the actual click numbers up to 130 million times.



website was shut down 520 Novels: the founder jailed for 4 years and fined 3 million

as a result of the novel 520 website from a large number of Chinese original copy of the original work, the Chinese network suffered significant economic losses. The royal literature company reported to the police in September 2010, accused of "520 novels" website on the Internet, wantonly copying are not authorized by the copyright owner under the condition of post, spread the grand literature has the exclusive right to network dissemination of information work, access to a large number of non profit law.

October 14, 2011, by the Xuzhou municipal procuratorate, according to the law, such as the prosecution of copyright infringement case in the Xuzhou intermediate people’s Court of Jin Junjie. December 12th, Jin Junjie was sentenced to four years in Xuzhou City Intermediate People’s court for the crime of copyright infringement, and fined $3 million. Involved in the novel 520 website operators Wang Hui and other defendants were sentenced to imprisonment ranging from one to four years, and was sentenced to a fine of $7. 8 people said it would not appeal in court.

Chinese Wansong network piracy and infringement responsible person was sentenced to 3 years in

following the release to combat piracy announcement, destroying 520 novel pirate sites, Chinese network Wansong main responsibility person accused of copyright infringement, was sentenced to three years in prison.

it is understood that the Jiangsu intermediate people’s Court of Xuzhou recently issued the criminal verdict of infringement in the network literature and the network Chinese Wansong primary responsibility. The verdict finds network and two Chinese Wansong is mainly responsible for the "guilty of the crime of copyright infringement, were sentenced to the site.