Taobao small sellers increasingly sad life! s asking for it

we must now have a similar idea, what is Taobao Tmall, has become more and more difficult; finally make a head bend over backwards, a few pence, also by Taobao Tmall every little bit from each eye and channels to suck you out; demanding money fee achievements ali prosperous; but you pay and harvest, but a little sad.

coincidentally, at the beginning of this year, data show that there are more than 6 thousand and 800 Tmall stores closed, then the Alibaba officially denied, but a group of related data show that there are actually 9 percent of Taobao merchants hope Amoy, the truth or not, we go.


used to rely on, rely on an inertial force, then it is hard to give up, can only passively waiting to be squeezed; and it is relied on by countless you and this accumulation into Ali dictates of confidence, let them have the arbitrary rights, and wantonly exploit your capital; I don’t blame them it’s just that, while avoiding disadvantages, who is to blame?


to blame only blame ourselves, because this is all we ask for it; don’t argue, listen to me with you analysis;

1, do not recognize the essence and advantage of Taobao, deified Taobao;

a lot of people think the subconscious supplier is Taobao, hot and overwhelming momentum, and compression for nearly a year of consumer demand concentrated outbreak of the double eleven of the sales figures are exaggerated; let us worship.

but its essence is just a large proportion of the market share of electronic business platform, the transaction environment advantages just attached a great deal of trust in Alipay; I have a see does not depend on the flow of Taobao more than simply relying on their station drainage with C store transaction conversion case;


Taobao’s overall marketing campaign and really admire you; most want to do begin to pay attention to Taobao, Taobao, estimated that because saw heard, too much in life everywhere Taobao entrepreneurial success stories can be seen; and Ma often occupied the headlines of the eyeball campaign, and Taobao early attractive environment.

then, we thoroughly convinced, so stuffy head of Taobao along the planned route, a road Yiqijuechen go black, or egg put a few baskets of truth, not a commonplace talk of an old scholar;

if you focus on your own brand, have their own old customer accumulation, Taobao is the only spot you flow, you don’t eat it, that is the real master of the turn.

2, do not understand the nature of marketing, what you think of marketing, just Taobao platform rules;

in-depth study and do Taobao in recent years, more and more feel that their own thinking has been fixed, nailed to death; his reflection several times late at night, only to find that a lot of good marketing ideas