Local forum dialogue a review and development of local web sites

webmaster network May 15th news, hosted by PHPWind, jointly organized by the Xiamen fish nets, the owners of the house of the 2010 China local and industry website development forum May 15th morning in Xiamen Asia Gulf Hotel continues to be held more than 300 local and industry community, the owners, the senior people to participate in the conference, in-depth discussion on e-commerce and community site development topics. In order to promote the community to a broader space forward recommendations, community sites and e-commerce development has an important role in promoting.

in the electronic commerce lecture session, from taobao.com A Zhu, knife, strict research each share of Taobao consumer portal content operation and planning activities, Taobao consumer e-commerce portal, taobao.com marketing activities, has a very good reference and guide for the operation of the electronic commerce website.


In the

dialogue forum link from the local community, Xiao Ruizhe, vice president of PHPWind Xiamen fish nets Yao Jincheng, baby Xu Haoqiang, Wuxi Changzhou long lane CEO Qian Yu, West Lake in Huizhou, Liu Hanfan and other guests to review the local website development and change a year. The guests pointed out that in the coastal economically developed areas, a local website operating earnings 1-2 years, while northwest underdeveloped areas need 3-5 years time, and requires a certain amount of funds or resources, team management ability, and parent-child within the site has more development space, the content of the website is the key, is to do activities the auxiliary means of promotion is very necessary, to grasp the starting point and the actual, not to do in order to make activity and activity, team marketing and products can be complementary.

in the interactive dialogue link, guests for Adsense questions give answers, and most interesting, the participants to participate in the webmaster question is undoubtedly a very good creativity and innovation, has a very good relationship.

the conference to promote the community towards a more broad space to put forward suggestions, plays an important role in promoting the development of electronic commerce and community website, fully demonstrated the phpwind concept and spirit of the webmaster service, meeting on 12 noon end on time.