Alipay invested a billion development of wireless payment to protect the subtraction

Alipay has invested

billion yuan of funds in wireless payment business. CEO Peng Lei and other company executives said in the newspaper, an important strategy in the next few years, is the hope that the present about 650 million accounts, more people use Alipay mobile terminal to complete the payment at the same time.

"after Alipay investment in wireless payment business has reached hundreds of millions, in the future investment will be greater." In October 22nd, Alipay CFO well Yin Dong told reporters that the new investment will mainly focus on human and technology, also pay close attention to the new technology acquisition opportunities. But he declined to disclose the specific investment involved in the new strategy.

Jing Xiandong, Alipay’s current registered capital is 500 million, the carrying amount of the net assets exceeded 1 billion, a new round of financing plan.


revenue source is still under Ali online platform, only about 1/10 users to use the wireless business.

in order to help the traditional users through the online payment of online users in the shopping malls, supermarkets and other entities to complete the payment of mobile terminals, a number of new wireless payment function has been developed. If the user can adapt to the new mode of payment, the next line of business may also pay for the use of Alipay channel.

in addition, the financial circles of the fund payment functions, Alipay has submitted 23 more cooperation to fund sales institutions list to the commission.

enclosure before subtraction

"to enhance the user experience on the wireless platform," Peng Lei was called the strategic focus and management of the main tasks in the 18 media conference. From the design concept of many product managers, wireless payment services will become Alipay key carrier channels to expand the influence from the line to the next line.

Alipay is expected, according to the current mobile payment growth rate calculation, 2015 mobile payment users will pay roughly flat with PC.

3 years ago, Alipay began to layout wireless payment services. The internal data show that the current Alipay wireless payment transaction volume for the 1 million 500 thousand pen / day, and PC payment transaction volume ratio is 1:9.

Alipay is trying to do subtraction to protect "". The product manager is required to integrate the existing payment methods on the client. However, the current research and development of new features, awareness and frequency of use is not high. That "do mobile payment without hardware before Alipay mobile phone card reader a convenient collection of businesses will soon launch.

company has now designed to pay two-dimensional code, bar code payment, mobile phone transfers (NFC, LBS) and nearly ten different types of payment function and super receivables, receivables and other services to merchants AA respectively and personal collection function.

barcode payment as an example, the assumption is that by showing a Alipay mobile phone barcode, barcode scanner for shopping for the cashier, also can invite another mobile phone users near field payment (the other is using the checkout function scan). Thus >