First exposure! Wanda electricity supplier in the end conspiracy what

want to go to the mall last weekend, it is more and more needs the courage to do. Parking? Ranked team for a long time, not easy to get into the parking lot, but around for several laps did not find a parking space, finally exit row over the "long" block in the channel intersection; eat? The restaurant has been filled with people, and want to go to the front desk for 40, while visiting side waiter, just tell you, too, don’t wait; buy clothes, the clothes on the poster is really nice, but where they are……

every time this time, almost all want the parking lot parking spaces, if can make an appointment to the good; allelic restaurant can not keep in the doorway, fast to the number of time can receive phone call; when you buy clothes, you can simply find the one you want. Perhaps, these will soon come true.

recently, Wanda electricity supplier in the office area to create a super simulation laboratory was officially opened, combined with the office environment simulation and test the actual application of intelligent products online scene features. Intelligent positioning, intelligent parking, intelligent storage, intelligent gate machine, intelligent appointment, smart locks and smart phones and other seven intelligent services and equipment, has been successfully deployed in the laboratory, the future, these intelligent hardware will be used in the square, cinema, parent-child, show, parks and other activities, and gradually cover all business under Wanda line the format of the place, create Wanda wisdom of life — as long as the O2O service on a handheld pointing, can make life a lot of inconvenience to that thing is not called".

intelligent positioning

in the super simulation laboratory on the ceiling, every 3~5 meters there is a small white box is about 5 cm long, 2 cm wide, it is called Bluetooth Beacon, is now the most popular positioning technology, can be achieved without dead navigation laboratory. Open laboratory APP electricity supplier development function page, click on the navigation area will be able to see the 3D/2D diagram of the laboratory, can show every office and every station owner’s name, as long as the arbitrary choice of the destination, the navigation will automatically plan a route map, take you to find people or places to find.

at present, electricity supplier has completed the Beacon active deployment in Beijing Tongzhou and Wuhan lingjiaohu two square, the positioning accuracy of 2 meters in 2 seconds, the positioning accuracy can reach more than 90%, can be said to be the most advanced level in china. In the future, each laying Beacon Wanda Plaza, as long as consumers open mobile phone, to choose their own love of goods in APP, you can enter the navigation mode, under the guidance of APP want to quickly find everything. If the combination of Beacon and big data, Beacon can also be based on the preferences of each consumer, the volume of the product is recommended for him.

intelligent parking

in intelligent parking demonstration area, you can see in Beijing Tongzhou and Wuhan lingjiaohu intelligent parking system, vehicle parking field pilot deployment to >