Adsense network broadcast Wanda Hong Kong listed light media and 360 cooperation finalized

12 thousand to buy the domain name is YY? TV

issued a statement angrily Macropodus

news December 22nd, last week, "Betta" Larry domain was traced to the high price of 2 million yuan transactions, then live video website "Betta TV" issued a statement, an agency lashed out at the purchase price of TV related domain name Betta, Betta TV brand theft and live video, confuse the audience. This is an institution, many netizens speculated that YY, two staff in micro-blog qiajia tear force.

Chinese whois information query name, domain name Betta has been updated domain information in December 14th, but the current holders of information is hidden, and can not determine the $2 million is actually the celebrations of the times or other terminal, but access to the domain name that is enabled for a named "betta live polymerization station" website, website design and is very similar to the era’s celebrations of teeth live, and provide live video game also impressively show live tiger logo.

2 LETV hanging in the head of the sword: Ling Jihua surveyed  

old Jia tasted the sweetness of the capital operation in Huijin cubic also set up, their music as holding, with music as a listed brand based on established equity investment acquired dozens of companies, covering film, television, mobile phone, agriculture, electricity, automobile and other fields, the capital operation of the imagination to play to the extreme.

Ling Jihua surveyed, finally only boots landing letv. In late December 22, 2014 eight, Xinhua news agency released by micro-blog, former director of the Secretariat of the CPC Central Committee and the general office of the Central Committee, vice chairman of the central United Front Work Department, the CPPCC Ling Jihua accept organization survey.

3 Wanda listed in Hong Kong: Wang Jianlin still lost to Ma, domain name headlines

news December 23rd, today, Wanda Commercial Real Estate officially listed in Hong Kong, the opening price of HK $48, plans to sell 600 million shares, intends to raise funds of HK $28 billion 800 million, about 23 billion yuan, the Hong Kong stock exchange is the biggest IPO this year. Wanda domain name headlines again.

It is reported that in

, after the completion of the listing, the total share capital of Wanda business will reach 4 billion 474 million 800 thousand shares, the issue price, the total market value of 171 billion 400 million yuan, lower than the valuation of the international investment bank, Goldman Sachs, rising, HSBC, Citigroup and other well-known international investment bank for Wanda Commercial net assets are expected to exceed 300 billion yuan.

4 light media and finalize the cooperation between the two sides to build joint venture video company  


light media and 360 cooperation finalized today. Light media today announced the announcement