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they have China in Internet now summon wind and call for rain, silencing tracing; they were once regarded as the era of the insurgents, but now it is time away. Those who had the chance to rise the potential, but how to die? Let’s face the major death China in the Internet industry, history. 10 Zhonghua

China network as China’s first listed companies in the United States, has filed for bankruptcy protection in the United States on October 5, 2011.

is the first name of Chinese only the concept of Internet stocks in Nasdaq, the stock code is China, the concept of Chinese interconnection, and the domain name speculation driven by quickly became the darling of the capital market, the market value soared. Unfortunately, the concept of the concept of China’s rise up the company empty nothing, only by acquisitions to expand their business, but in the management of many problems, and even a mailbox products are not good.

"when the tide recedes, you will know who is swimming naked"

2011 on October, filed before the bankruptcy filing in China, China net last transaction price of $0.4374, while in the peak period in 2000, $220 per share, the difference between the 500 times the $two. In fact, from the beginning to the end, the most valuable is domain name.


The key factors of death: a

rely on the concept of packaging, empty

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a lot of people should remember, Daniel Wu with his handsome smile to recommend to us a variety of clothing PPG, then the PPG ads can be used to describe the overwhelming. PPG was founded in October 2005, is one of the earliest clothing network Direct Selling Company, products rely on OEM OEM, sales rely on call center and e-commerce, in 2007 was the year’s best business model award. At the time, I am afraid that no one thought, known as the clothing industry, DELL PPG will face two years later by the court to freeze the bank deposits and remove the remaining material dilemma.

The causes of the failure of

PPG, from the model point of view is too much emphasis on advertising, to the financial crisis foreshadowed; neglect the product chain, supply management by. But really kill PPG, is the founder of Li Liang, Li Liang encountered financial crisis in PPG, choose not to advance and retreat with the company, which is actually absconded abroad, see the wind is cast people constantly stressed the founder of character, there is truth.

now has a company like PPG, where the customer is called.


death key factors: too much emphasis on marketing, and light products; founder does not fly

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