Shanghai webmaster third party final registration time

third Shanghai webmaster Association party, registration time as of June 29th, the quota is limited, please Shanghai webmaster friends and Internet counterparts to register. At this meeting, we will announce the official establishment of the Shanghai Association of friends, at this important moment, please join us to witness!

Shanghai webmaster Association third party

we will meet again in a pack!

please see the eyes of the Internet industry owners and individuals to invest in Shanghai. June 30th, Shanghai webmaster Association will usher in the third phase of the party. The meeting with the help of many webmaster, with a new look to meet you. At the party we will announce the establishment of the Shanghai webmaster association!

Shanghai station Party has been pragmatic mentality to run Shanghai webmaster knot. We have the most simple feelings of the Internet, we uphold a consistent style, Party 2, each participant is the protagonist! Exchanges and cooperation, we will become the theme of each party. The third phase of the meeting.

party organization: Shanghai webmaster Association

Co organizer: Shanghai

network technology limited domain (  continue to collect units)

brand design support: on the marketing planning agency


Wang Chenyun   China outac;

Huang Qiang   reed net founder

Liu   CEO

Honker Union;

  SEO consultant   Kang Yiwen; Shanghai; Search Engine Optimization Laboratory

Ceng Jigui chief operating officer

; starry piano nets;

party matters

time: Saturday, June 30, 2007 13:00-17:30

location: Room 1, 3rd floor, Jingan District cultural center, No. 459 Urumqi North Road, Jingan District cultural center,

participants: personal webmaster, Internet operators, operators, managers and other practitioners of technology;
(the following personnel refused admission: no registration, or not through the audit; business or product sales personnel;


: AA costs 30 yuan / person (if there are units to provide free cash sponsorship,


(applicants: please provide the name, title, site name, URL, mobile phone, QQ/MSN, E-mail etc.)

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