Three gang making fake website joint fraud of 13 people have been arrested

in June this year, Jinhua police received a report: a 18 year old girl was cheated on the Internet more than 10 thousand yuan.


value is not large, cheated in the process is also very common girl online to find the loan, the phone call in the past, the other with a variety of names for her money, after a few times, the girl see light suddenly.

this case, referred to the Jindong District Public Security Bureau supervisor battalion officers hand building. Intuition tells him, things are not so simple.

little girl on the Internet to find a loan

cheated more than 10 thousand yuan

cheated the girl called Xiao Fu, from school after graduation, has been thinking about entrepreneurship, but the most troubling is her money.

at the beginning of June, Xiao Fu in the online search business loan ", from the jump out of the search results, she chose" business loans". Small Fu thought, search results on the site, should be a little tricky.

points into the site, the company profile, the loan process, and a number of banks in a wide range of links, the page is also floating a customer service QQ.

under the requirements of small Fu, the other party also provides a business license photos.

looks like everything is normal. Small Fu proposed to loan 70 thousand yuan.

for the first time, the other let her deposit 1280 yuan interest; then, is a deposit of $10 thousand; the third time, the other side and the interest of $30 thousand, small Fu know that he was fooled.

when building the case officer to immediately think, half a month ago, a Jinhua man named Yang, is also the same way cheated 2300 yuan.

floor police officers feel that these two cases can dig a dig.

Shenzhen phone number, Henan account

actually liar in Guangdong,

police found that the number of mobile phones used by crooks, attribution is Shenzhen; the bank account used to open an account in Henan,, the head of the household is a person called "Zhang Guochang".

in cooperation with other departments of the bank, liar bank card money every month, a few minutes, a few points, which in the city which ATM machine to take away, have been mastered by the police.

by monitoring the transfer of ATM machine withdrawals, not difficult to find people. Of course, withdrawals are small small shrimp, real names is not easily show.

next, it relates to the handling of confidential, just know a little by teller unraveling the manipulators behind will emerge.

he is Fujian Anxi chen. However, he is not in Shenzhen, nor in Henan, and in Guangdong, Huizhou.

crooks found, but the police feel that the building, this period is not perfect enough to draw.

custom fake website, and then spend huge sums of money to promote

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