Many telecommunications room was sealed lead to part of the moving company website paralysis

09 years in November 30th there is a very remarkable news in the major website: "Chinese Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center an exposure of 10 Internet service providers" after the country appeared many room was closed, the nationwide part of the server in the investigation. Moving company more than the site has been sealed off, from the SEO point of view, this is a lot of SEO practitioners, webmasters and moving companies, is not a good thing. Server instability, will directly lead to the decline in the rankings. Cause website ranking drop will directly affect the economic loss! We are not impatient, any abuse and curse are of no avail, now you need to do is to calm in the face of such emergencies, and respond, save the data in the first time, with the new room or rent a virtual host, VPS, you you must restore the site as soon as possible, in order to restore economic losses.

is now the sixth day of the incident, still awake at night, because I know that’s the station and the moving company’s clients (especially the moving company, as far as I know most of Shanghai moving company moving / moving mass including public well-known companies are moving on the network to the orders) I know you now the heart of anger! I don’t know now what can we do, put my lessons up to those sites were closed. The station.

1, contact your service provider or computer room to find a solution. If the computer room can recover in a short time, then wait patiently. If the computer room to restore the time around him, then contact the new room or service providers, as soon as possible to transfer data.

2, the proposed purchase of the U.S. host, the first important sites to foreign countries, so you can restore service as soon as possible, to restore the loss. Most hosts in the United States can put a number of sites in a space, for most of the webmaster is enough. Although the speed may not be as fast as the domestic, but the very period, has no choice, after all, safety first.

3, no matter what you want to do, let the site restore service. The user is not a short duration of time to accumulate, they are your greatest wealth. Users are lost, to the site what is the use of economic loss is nothing, your reputation is the most valuable.

now is a challenge to everyone, don’t know what to do, must be calm, to turn the tide.

last hope those blocked sites will soon release


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