Bill Gate left after leaving ten regrets

      with Gates gradually fade out him in the 31 years of Microsoft, the end of an era, he is naturally become the object on the industry, media and even personal merit in Microsoft. Gates, chairman of the board of directors and chief software architect, Microsoft successfully predicted a lot of technology trends, but some of his mistakes are obvious. Under the leadership of Gates, Microsoft has introduced a variety of failed products or technologies, the following ten most prominent.

      1, the Microsoft BOB:BOB is Microsoft released in 1995, Microsoft hopes to improve the BOB Windows 3.1 program management interface, then this concept is no problem, but Bob is not really popular has been replaced. Objectively speaking, Bob is not bad reviews, but its disappearance has not attracted much people regret and miss, because it solves the problem have brought many problems. Interestingly, the head of the BOB development project is Gates’s wife, Melinda.

      2, Windows ME: This is perhaps the most unsuccessful version of Microsoft’s Windows so far, after the launch in 2000, there will be a lot of installation and compatibility issues. With the Windows XP listed in 2001, Windows ME soon disappeared. Of course, Windows Millennium is not Nothing is right., such as the system has the recovery function of the product is the first subsequent application in Windows XP.

      3, tablet PC: there may still be a lot of supporters of tablet PCs, but there are many problems with this technology, and the cost is too high. From the market performance, the tablet PC is a failure of the product. Microsoft has decided to use tablet functionality as a basic component of the Windows Vista operating system, rather than as a separate SKU release.

      4, SPOT Watch: Although the first piece of "intelligent personal goals" (SPOT) watches prototype into the market has been three years, but the volume is too large, rigid shape problems have not been solved. In addition, SPOT watches lack of attractive applications to provide support, can not afford to spend hundreds of dollars to buy this product users feel value for money.

      5, Microsoft Money: if Microsoft bought Intuit in 1995 the plan did not encounter antitrust obstacles, the company may have access to Quicken software, and make their products become the market leader in Internet banking. However, Microsoft only to the design and development of financial software Money, Intuit was far behind.

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