About the United States gun tool Tinder listed owner valuation $3 billion

[Abstract]Match group announced the issue price range, will be between $12 to $14 issued a total of 33 million 300 thousand shares.


Tencent technology mobile online dating, dating has become one of the most popular mobile Internet applications, in the U.S. market, Tinder is the most famous service providers. The American Match group, which owns the asset, is preparing for the listing of the stock, which is valued at $3 billion, based on its offering price range.

Match group is affiliated with the U.S. Internet giant IAC, its mainly includes a plurality of social networking and dating tools, in addition to the famous Tinder, Match.com, OkCupid, PlentyofFish and website etc..

according to the British Daily Telegraph website reported on Monday, Match announced the offering price range to $14, will be issued a total of 33 million 300 thousand shares at $12, it is also able to purchase an additional 5 million shares of stock listed underwriters. This means that the total size of the Match group listed on the financing of $536 million, the valuation of the company from $2 billion 900 million to $3 billion 400 million.

is reported that Match’s parent company, IAC, plans to use the listing of the transfer of a portion of the equity, using the proceeds to repay the company’s debt.

online dating services, especially smart phone based applications in recent years has enjoyed a strong growth, young people use Tinder and other mobile software, looking for a date. Four years ago, Match’s monthly active users totaled a total of 11 million people, and now has increased to more than 59 million people, of which paid users increased to more than 4 million 700 thousand people.

Match says the company has three of the world’s five most popular dating tools.

Tinder is the most popular dating tool Match group, mainly for smart phone users, users can use Facebook account login directly. It is reported that this tool is most popular among young people between the ages of 18 and 34, the number of active users per day for a total of 10 million people, the average user to use this software every day time is 35 minutes.

Tinder can be based on the user’s interests, dating matchmaking, the beginning of this year, the product has also launched a paid version. But the vast majority of users are still using the free version, so Tinder started to introduce mobile advertising as a form of income, including users every day to see friends information, it also provides an implementation of targeted advertising opportunities.

just last week, Tinder announced that it will make a major upgrade of matchmaking algorithm updates, the number of successful matchmaking will grow 30% over the past.

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