have some understanding of the site for the record

I’m a little webmaster. Dry for so many years, the concentration of all the money 6W yuan agent XXXX web games. This is all worth my. These days I’m getting more and more scared, because 3gm, TGBUS, wangye173 were all killed. The term is hold. I’m a little broken thing, I’m scared and depressed, and I’m afraid of being killed. I’m not the rich person, I like on a dead ants. I 18 hours a day. Go to bed at 2 o’clock every day, more than 7. All year round, 7 days a week. Neck lumbar, what disease all had. I also have several webmaster friends basically like me. I have a good time to earn 10w. Inside the drops are hard-earned money. I am constantly learning and adapting to everything. I believe Ma Huateng, Ding Lei is also like this hard to come. I have been to their goals to support their confidence and motivation.

but I’m getting disappointed. More and more difficult to do business, the company left 5 people, more and more withered, the landlord is also urging arrears last month. 3-4 tattered black desk. There is room for my website to hang. I’m too painful, I am outraged! I have been as a citizen, as a very hard man holding on. To understand this industry. I am a small boss of the Internet, I do not know how they like wangye173, I do not know how they have duowan. One is the "game of Montana, a huge investment is made of gold. Quietly, hung up. Hanging is how strange, hanging how no reason. Anyhow, the court sentence also needs a process. I suddenly found that I became a stall as hawkers. Feel the inspectors in the non-stop whipped my. Scars of wounds strung together like beads。 I more is the heart of millions of users, with the order is arbitrary ravaged. These users are more worthless to ignore.

I’m getting depressed. According to the truth that civil servants so hard, in people who are absolutely clever one in prestigious undergraduate. The monitoring department of the Internet is particularly clever, especially when it comes to understanding the user. The king must die. But anyway, I still have tears of words speak out. You regardless of ordinary people’s life? Is a performance so important? Is the Chinese not a visionary leadership support on the Internet in this industry? Leaders is a warning to others, is in the manipulation of some wants to achieve purpose. By reason wangye173 a few million a month, DuoWan is more than 200 employees. How can there be more than 100 million GDP in it, Premier Wen also visited the city a few days earlier, so that the cultural and creative industries to become a new growth point in response to the financial crisis." Did we see that? No! We just saw the leaders kill!


today in the NetEase and see a corrupt man was killed. Then the time to reflect on the words really make me sick. "Rolling in the money as easy as blowing off dust, the Pan Yu >