Baidu acceleration music alliance with Baidu jointly launched the accelerated music product survey a

since Baidu and accelerate the joint launch of Baidu music accelerated music, in order to better serve the user, based on the original accelerated music service, we carried out a new system upgrade. At present, it is in the leading position of the industry in terms of node size, anti attack ability, node service reliability and speed increasing ratio.

from the beginning of October 11th, Baidu acceleration music combined Baidu Alliance for Baidu alliance million website "Baidu acceleration music product survey", we hope that through this activity, we can receive more opinions and suggestions, help Baidu to accelerate the music to improve the growth and excellence, better service website.

the survey deadline for October 22, 2013 24, where the information complete participants will have the chance to win $599 cash coupon (consumer Baidu acceleration music any value-added services), 20 lucky chance waiting for you, after the end of the investigation (25) announced the list of winners, we will with the winners contact.

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