Online vulgar marketing has been called off the list of the best off the list

Ministry of culture once again to regulate the online game industry, this is aimed at the topic of the growing controversy in the field of marketing. The evening of July 6th, the Ministry of Culture issued the "Ministry of culture on strengthening the network game marketing management to stop vulgar marketing behavior letter", required departments at all levels and comprehensive cultural market law enforcement agencies should be combined with the "Interim Measures" network game management implementation, further strengthen the network game market management, online games against vulgar marketing behavior.

half a month in the two issued a standardized online games

this is less than half a month later, the Ministry of culture of the second online games industry issued a document specification. Earlier in June 22nd, the Ministry of Culture issued the "Interim Measures for the management of network game", to promote the requirements of online games, "not advocating obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, or instigating crime", nor "contrary to social morality".

the Ministry of Culture issued new letter said, recently, a number of online games for making enterprises, manufacturing gimmick, game to promote the use of vulgar marketing means, misleading online game users, resulting in adverse social impact.

this, put forward four requirements of Ministry of culture, that is to strengthen the online inspection and found the vulgar online games promotion and publicity etc., to inform the relevant website to be deleted; trample on the moral bottom line, contrary to public order and morals behavior, to discover, to stop; to the vulgar promotion of online games business to be interviewed, the responsible person of the enterprise, criticism and education, shall be ordered to make corrections; in violation of the relevant laws and regulations, if the circumstances are serious, must be resolutely punished according to law, to effectively curb the spread of the vulgar promotion of online games.

the Ministry of Culture issued continuously emphasized the standardization of online marketing behavior, to strengthening the comprehensive supervision in the gaming industry, online games industry promotion recently happened repeatedly in the "edge ball", "grey areas" phenomenon is one of the incentives or.

The level of

, the overall decline in profits in the gaming industry increasingly fierce competition under the background of new online games company promotion scale is constantly loose and looming bottom line test public communication phenomenon. Such as the "big" promotion "Xuanyuan hired a domestic first nude model" of the Zhang Xiaoyu blue line; "journey to the west", due to indecent exposure and visibility of the rapid jump model Shoushou etc..

addition, Jiuyou "warriors OL" promotion also invited former Japanese AV actress Sora Aoi and China two generations old and new "big network" Sister Lotus and Xifeng back, caused a huge public concern. This series of actions have triggered a major controversy.

online business executives will stand behind

Ministry of Culture issued a document, or will change the industry to promote the atmosphere, which also won extensive support and recognition of the online game industry.

said LineKong COO Liao Mingxiang told the "daily economic news" interview, the relevant provisions of the Ministry of Culture issued, we very much support, and will fully comply with. After the Ministry of Culture issued such a provision, the marketing behavior of the industry