Baidu in China is the best choice for enterprise website

is engaged in the site optimization for a long time, a preliminary feeling for the Googl and Baidu two major search engines, the author believes that in the domestic Baidu optimization is the enterprise website of choice, why do you say so, and not unfounded! According to the market in domestic know only about 30% of people with Googl, and other most are using Baidu. Baidu’s market in China is still quite large. At least in the domestic use of Baidu than people with googl. So for site optimization, I still think that the optimization of the effect of Baidu will be better.

website optimization is becoming more common, most people basically engaged in website optimization in the optimization of Googl, while Googl in the global market, and is the world’s leading search engine, but in China, Baidu is still bigger than Googl share many.

so for some enterprise website, the purpose is to bring customers to the enterprise, so the enterprise website should pay more attention to Baidu website optimization. Because the source of life for an enterprise is its own customers, all of us are in order to strive to bring customers to the enterprise so as to bring benefits to the enterprise.

because most people in China are using Baidu instead of Google, everyone likes and used to search for what they need on Baidu. "I don’t know you use Baidu Search" so many people have been hanging in the mouth, think of myself, do not know will use Baidu Search, ha ha, it seems that Oh! So Baidu search results can be more people see, is to see more people have the opportunity to get more customers so! Stand for the enterprise, according to the Baidu Website Optimization Website optimization effect than the more weight more Googl

!Even if Baidu

optimization is more difficult than Googl optimization, but Baidu search results is better than the Googl search results more valuable in website optimization also have a period of time, the fact that it is so.

enterprise is the lifeblood of the customer, and the customer is now a lot of resources from the network. Baidu website optimization is very important for the enterprise, before writing an article, a website VS 10 salesman". That’s the truth.

to promote the industry to optimize the site or optimize Baidu, so that our site more valuable.