Cloud technology announced that the B+ round of financing released a new brand of smart locks

December 23rd news smart door manufacturers cloud Ding technology yesterday released a new brand LOOCK deer off, will launch a new product in March 2017, a full range of smart home lock market.

it is learned that self created, cloud Ding will focus on the strategic focus of the smart door lock products. Founder Chen Bin said that in November this year, cloud has completed B+ round of financing.

in the past two years, China’s brand apartment market was blowout type development, providing a new entrance for the smart door lock "people" and "living". Chen Bin said that at present, the chain of home and freely, Park Apartments, pig short rental industry brand cooperation, cloud Ding in the intelligent lock B terminal market focus on force, cooperative apartment number has reached more than 300, occupy the apartment industry share of 60% field of intelligent door lock.

relatively fast B end market coverage, C end of this huge blue ocean market in the future or become a key to the entire market structure. It is understood that Chinese has a population of 1 billion 400 million, nearly more than 400 million households, families are currently installed base of intelligent lock is very low, less than 3%, and the annual increase of the number of housing will continue to maintain a relatively high activity, prospects China intelligent lock Market considerable.

in the context of consumer upgrades and the development of the Internet of things, the home market in 2017 the demand for smart door will surge. ‘LOOCK deer’ will be based on our products in the past two years on the basis of precipitation to join the innovation experience for the home market, allowing users to perceive the security and comfort of science and technology to bring to each family." Chen Bin said.