What is the user experience

user experience, English called user experience, abbreviated as UE, or UX.

      also referred to as EXPERIENCE (CUSTOMER) when it comes to e-commerce sites. It refers to the user’s experience when visiting a web site or using a product. Their impressions and feelings, whether or not successful, whether to enjoy, also want to come back / use. They are able to tolerate problems, doubts and BUG levels of

      text of English for reference:
the user experience, mostly called " customer experience" when referring to e-commerce websites the totality of the experience; of a user when visiting a website. Their impressions and feelings. Whether they’re successful. Whether they enjoy themselves. Whether they feel like coming back again. The extent to which they encounter problems, confusions and, bugs.

      personal understanding of the user experience should be an act that can be performed by the user, or by a designated person, on the user’s position. However, now our company to the user experience as a role, and usually handed over to the UI designer to perform, more like a product after the delivery of the project implementation or customer service. The

      the user experience is a purely subjective psychological experience in the process of using a product (service). Because it is purely subjective, with a certain degree of uncertainty. Individual differences also determine the real experience of each user can not be completely simulated or reproduced by other means. But for a clear definition of the user groups, the user experience is the common nature of the experiment can be designed to realize.

      user experience mainly comes from the interaction between user and human machine interface. In the early days of software design, the man-machine interface was seen as