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batashe (sugar candies).200m higher and totally hilly was really tough for me. You have to understand what this race is You are going up all the time And when you are not going up you are going down Mostly through gnarly rocky double track Most people will love downhills But not these ones They can destroy your hand in 10 minutes” he explains It was on the steep incline to the Jalori top that both ran out of steam and out of luck Jindalwanted to quit midway and Siddique didn’t see himself anywhere near 3010m-high Jalori top from where the camp was an additional 7km This was the highest point in the entire race and both describe the climb as ‘nothing less than treacherous’ Not too long before this race segment was flagged off Siddique whipped out the race route and explained to Jindalin detail — how to break it down into manageable sections But now it was more about who would break first them or their bikes “Past experience counts and that’s why I did better than what I otherwise would have done” laughsSiddique Jindal adds: “Because of the very high gradient climb to Jalori I took too much time to reach feed Station 1 At that time I thought of quitting the race so I asked a race marshall to be ferried back to the camp site in a car They suggested I wait or go slow towards next service point I decided to go slow and that’s when I met Salman So I gathered back all the lost courage and energy and decided to complete the race” MTB Himalaya Kullu Sarahan Campsite (Source: Abhimanyu Chakravorty) They’d start each day micro-analysing the race route the steep elevation gain roll their eyes then talk about the distance roll their eyes some more and and let out a deep sigh almost in unison In between the race both would stop multiple times and enquire about the remaining distance “We really enjoyed each others’ company and were able to match each other’s pace We took breaks together at feed stations Salman used to carry the maps and kept sharing the GPS statistics about the route while also encouraging to complete the course” said Jindal At the end of it the race-book was so battered and soggy with sweat that it was hard to figure anything out expect the consolation that they still had a physical copy of it Riders begin stage 3 of race day from Gada Gushaini campsite in Himachal Pradesh (Source: Abhimanyu Chakravorty) Every evening after the end of each stage they’d huddle around other riders and talk about how they barely managed to reach the campsite After attending the race Siddique understood his training in Dhaka wasn’t enough for climbing The level of power needed to complete a race of this magnitude could notbe achieved in flats “The best training for climbing is climbing No way around it” says Siddique Jindal? Himachal Pradesh,sadly lost now).) would happen because the narrative demanded it, Jack White, Plus 9, However, The best part about Google efforts is that they have made their Machine Learning resources available for free under the name of Tensor Flow and anyone can start using the tool to train machines for specific tasks. The Showcase events are comfortably in the realm of “outrageous” and Forza Horizon 3 takes it a notch further by introducing something called Drift Zones and Danger Signs.

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