Hu Yibo local station low cost promotion and operation channels

I recently spotted the potential trend of local portal development, looked at Tianya, 19 buildings are not just doing a local portal, their so-called success is not technically successful but the success of the concept of time. Why do you say that? You imagine, if you do not in the local portal Tianya, 19 floor you as a pioneer of local portal, you will be successful for the network to make money? Is a master every day they only need to pay attention to today earn much less, and the grassroots? Wangzhuan obtained by the average earnings loss in interest – each month to hundreds of income! Imperceptibly say so much nonsense, said the key.

I know a few days to promote high return low local portal chuangsi as follows:

first: you can do some public service advertising to low-cost advertising, such as: KTV can be posted on the health of drugs and so on the term, the following to write their own web site name and address. Can also be put in the trash, public toilet, Internet cafes, etc.) some places such as Internet cafes and so on, you want to go to the Internet cafe and the owner of the consultation. I don’t like to see some good Internet cafe toilet with toilet please flush after the ads do bad, you can find a breakthrough from


second: engage in activities to distribute leaflets, in the kind of professional printing printing leaflets, other places I don’t know the price here as long as 2 hair 5 A, printed after you can also can find a part-time job, if you can’t find can go online to see if there is a part-time student. There are many online do part-time in the daily average price of about 100 very cost-effective. 1000 estimates of publicity, each $0.25, a part-time two yuan of $200 calculation of a total of $450 a day, there are at least 500 traffic and no less than 1000 people know your forum. May bring the role of mutual promotion!

local portal operation and management:

is now in many places is not only a local portal, many webmaster think a local portal more difficult to have their own development prospects, the idea is that no matter who is the local portal community has his missing pages, probably because of the small section may bring huge income to! See how you hold. Today’s community website has reached a peak moment of abundance, do a lot of more ordinary. Why not change an operation to operation? Such as the huge popularity forum community after opening a small game? Taking some small game to the forum released more clicks to buy the copyright of money generated by this method, the adhesion to tourists. You can also try to do community online VOD system hired a Mandarin OK beauty when DJ?? this strategy only shows the author’s idea, does not have the implementation of


I am now a friend who has known for many years is making a local portal. Is expected to be completed next year, and now only in the planning!