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solves the problem of the Internet home or find other identity, path. Considering a number of irregular too hard to remember, people invented a English domain, namely English expressed www. – racy.Com format, which is a big step forward, let people find each other, memory, a lot of convenience, so English domain becomes a scarce resource and resource monopoly. In any case, the English domain name for the Chinese people still have a lot of inconvenience, so it was introduced in the domestic Chinese network real name, to meet the needs of a considerable number of people, and thus make a profit. To sum up, show status confirmation, the development of the Internet in search of their online path, necessity and importance. But we did not expect the Internet development so fast, no obvious characteristics of the mass of all kinds of domain name can only do status confirmation, but can not solve the path for each other, but can not solve their problems on the Internet website. Because no home, no home to live, lead to the current situation of the Internet is to build a website on the Internet but with extreme ease, how to settle down into a frustrating and confusion. Some installation only, because the "price is too high," "housing" price is too simple, poor, and most of the site have to let the drift emerge of itself and perish of itself.

Take care of the birth of the

is to solve the problem of home sites on the Internet, she covers a variety of websites, and let them organic unity together, complex and orderly. In this case, any one of the homes to take the customer can allow others to 360 degrees, all the way to find you. Similarly, you can also find you want to find her 360 degree angle, full, completely solve the relocation problem identification, site search path and the internet. This will bring great contribution to the development of the Internet, can be described as "with tens, world famous Great Jubilee land".

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, take care of can be understood as a Chinese large domain more perfect than www. – racy.Com format English domain name, she also became a scarce resource monopoly resources and to a certain extent. Return to reality, which website do not want to let oneself take care of everybody? Is to meet the majority of Internet users demand, the website is cheap and equally, the best enterprise propaganda tool and platform.