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in the equity issue, no matter how beautiful the feelings of the coat, the issue will involve the interests of the real intention comes in the end, ferocious and matchless.

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Feng Dahui, founder of the public on hearsay. Net Fenng, Alipay served as Alipay’s chief technical expert, DBA, data architect position, is one of the most important witness of the early Alipay technology development.

Feng Dahui six years ago left Taobao and joined the Lilac Garden, as CTO today, the turnover event has excited, everyone knows. But the spread is not to do what raise a Babel of criticism of Feng Dahui after leaving, but he left in the occasion and DXY happened in a series of disputes on the issue of option.

check the whole incident: everything is because the option

first, it seems to be able to see some of the events in the circle of friends from the Feng Feng screenshots clues:


this is the two circle of friends July released by Feng Dahui, we can see Feng Dahui in the negotiations and companies with a lot of anger and helpless heart.

then, in August 25th, a self proclaimed "DXY code farming people set off a climax again in the event known published answer:" Feng Dahui is about to write business in the know, if you say a word of encouragement, what would you say? "The answer (now the answer is is known almost closed, is under review) in the circle of friends instantly refresh, a wave of a great disturbance: a Internet Co CTO, even a line of code is not written.

In addition to the question of whether CTO needs to knock code, the

also questions the following:

1, on Feng Dahui’s schedule problem: a work hard CEO, how can there be time to write a number of public

every day?

2, Feng Dahui on the company’s internal management issues: he is a product manager, regardless of the technical team.

3, on the DXY made these achievements, the question whether there is merit and Feng Dahui.

After the

incident, Feng Dahui in the personal public numbers "hearsay", on which the various questions one by one to respond, his good friend Feng Dahui to have the door stand, as of now, like the number of points and forwarding number higher than the following three parts: the people network founder and CEO Wang Jianshuo (micro-blog) Fenny Feng Dahui wrote "this matter I support Feng Dahui, full stop", the first 4399 architect Cao Zheng wrote about Feng Dahui "and" and "behind the Lilac Garden, Lilac Garden CTO Feng Dahui rights pay talks of the facts, opinions and suggestions".


the first two articles are on Feng Dahui’s daily, technical ability to express recognition and appreciation. Among them, the most worthy