How do you sell your product at a high price

people are not sensitive to the price of the product, even said that there is no standard for the price of the product, knowledge and ideas, the prices of everything from people have even sometimes, you are very valuable, but the hearts of customers often feel very expensive, but also very outrageous.

one day, Qi Baishi met on the road a small dealers selling cabbage, he asked: "this car dealers sell cabbage?" answered the food market 30 yuan, Qi Baishi said: "I use this picture to my car, change you a cabbage, dry, this dish?" dealers anxious, said angrily: "you this old man sick mind, you when I was what? Take your false cabbage for my true cabbage!" and push the car go.

see here, your heart will laugh at this market, actually your customers, when you see the product, but also the same, and the food dealer heart said: "you still want to change this product to me so much money?" before, so I do not know your product value in the customer, any offer our products are likely to be very high, so remember not to "value, the price is not already reported".

so how can we get our customers to accept our normal offer correctly?

now can you answer me, the following two black dot size is not the same?


sure you say the answer? You may be surprised, in fact the two black dot size is exactly the same.

for most people, if not with a ruler to measure it, it looks really is not the same, the left is very small, the right is large, but it is a subconscious visual error, which can be seen with another point of view, our subconscious may be some information presentation by.

of the price of the product is also so formed, in the absence of the currency’s people, is the use of labor to pay out to exchange the corresponding goods, for example, spend a year of harvest, in exchange for a cow, with two sheep for ten chickens.


is based on the original value of life as a reference, so can, in other words, the right to decide the price of our products is not in our hands, not in the client’s brain, and in reference to our choice of them.

is like the picture above to say "the principle of" people are subconsciously judge things according to contrast to decide if you want to make their products to obtain an ideal sales price, then the normal sales price before, you need to have a reasonable price proposal, so that your products the price will be more reasonable.

Jobs’s "trick"

Apple Corp launched iPhone mobile phone, many Apple fans looking forward to wait for the publication of products, then guess the heart.