Sequoia Capital China’s electricity supplier behind the most important push almost cast electricity strategic investment Le bee and separate listing, behind a common character — the capital of Sequoia capital. Sequoia is a joint venture of these three companies, therefore, the L, V marriage is considered to be the Sequoia Capital Operation of the game. The investment, including Alibaba, Jingdong, the United States and other electricity supplier Sequoia Capital is one of the important driving force behind China’s electricity supplier.

last week, officially announced the two sides with Le bee a "marriage": invested $112 million 500 thousand in cash, its strategic stake in Oriental popular music bee net company 75% of the shares, the largest shareholder of music bee network.

and have common investors, currently listed on the United States, IPO financing transaction size of about $600 million, valued at approximately $3 billion. According to’s $112 million 500 thousand acquisition of Le bee network of shares of the projection of 75%, Le bee network valuation of about $150 million.

that is to say, the two countries in the same industry in the same order of magnitude in order to female cosmetics as the main product of the electricity supplier companies, if the United States successfully listed, the market value will be 20 times the Le bee network. Le bee in the future development of the disadvantage is very obvious.

has Lasafo Sequoia ten million yuan investment founded in 2008, and in two rounds of investment in Sequoia are involved, in addition, in 2011 hit Sequoia millions of dollars for’s A round of investment. The transaction also indicates that the domestic vertical electricity supplier into a new pattern of guild wars.

As the United States, Sequoia

and Le bee network of investors, is the biggest beneficiary of the three act of trading. Have been listed on the future expansion, to pave the way for Lasafo cosmetics channels; loss aside agency business, operating separate independent brand independent subsidiary of Lasafo will live more moisture; for the United States, the real interests of the listed to Sequoia release, but not only to live happily.

behind the acquisition, there are two reasons: first, to promote the Sequoia to help not currently listed "stop", Li Jing to concentrate on the high profits of its own brand, accelerate development; second, Lasafo cosmetics channels, expand the new business, keep the prospects for the development of capital market the. After the merger, and Lasafo independently, and in the strategy to rely on each other, each one takes what he needs may form female business platform, the biggest future; if Le bee brand development is not good, may make Sequoia all its annexation, further improve the space of capital. For Sequoia, which layout is not lost.

Sequoia Capital investment process

Sequoia Capital was founded in Silicon Valley in 1972. In the more than 30 years after the founding, Sequoia as the first institutional investors to invest in such as apple, Google, Cisco, Oracle, Yahoo, LinkedIn, etc.