Takeaway O2O fire up but can not afford to pay for a complete business chain

these days, Guangzhou is like a cover under the hairdryer is huge, continuous heat, hot people upset, eat lunch, we are too lazy to go out to bask in the worthless sun, start takeout on the internet. Call the number of times, the sudden hot up on the takeaway O2O, causing some thinking.


the day before yesterday, a colleague at Baidu takeaway in orders, more than 11 points under the single system, display 40 minutes after delivery, after 12, the other boxes on the same platform called, are sent to the left, but colleagues boxes and so on, the right not to, in the Baidu takeaway in reminders, the display has been on the road, call, the other said that on the road, but the restaurant from the unit, it is less than 500 meters. Finally, drily waited more than 1 hours, the lunch box is not available, after a series of complaints and shouting, colleagues filled with grievances to cancel the order. Of course, this restaurant will encounter blocked.

, in addition, the situation I met. 9 that day, in a fast food restaurant in the Baidu takeaway ordered a braised fish in soy sauce block, everything is smooth, room service is also very fast, but the fish wrapped too much flour, also fried, completely conceal their fish flavor, fish block component is also the more I meet for the first time after a meal, dishes left half of the situation. My intuition told me that fish may have quality problems, otherwise, in a 14 yuan lunch with so many fish, the boss is not only killed catering employees. For me, this restaurant to eat, certainly need to think twice before ordering.

also, it is the takeaway in Baidu "bumper incense single room, who tells you in" hungry "for" his sweet ", there is a 50 percent off discount for a period of time. As a result, young colleagues are happy to download hungry APP, put Baidu takeaway on the side. I asked, do not you toss it? They said, in order to offer, it is worth it! I asked, if hungry is no longer a privilege?.

first, I have to admit that, compared to buy, and Internet rental, takeaway O2O is more than just virtual qualities. Our company itself is not much, but looked at more than 10 trips a day to take the shuttle here, I envy the lunch takeaway business is too good.

but the problem is coming. Charge v. these restaurants, uneven in quality there is no loyalty to consumers of the takeaway O2O, so is the Internet bigwigs fall over each other for its money? It will not like the car model, must rely on subsidies given to businesses in order to survive


before the takeaway O2O fire up, everyone is calling, and APP ordering, the only good is easy to pay, not every day in your wallet to prepare small bills or coins. However, the telephone ordering and takeaway O2O, not much difference in price. The surface of 6, 7 yuan discount behind, but at least 20 yuan from the delivery price, forcing you to choose your lunch, or add some.