NetEase announced its search portal to enable the new domain name

China IDC circle on September 19th reported: a long time did not appear in Beijing NetEase CEO Ding Lei a shot is a big move. Yesterday, the NetEase announced the opening of the new domain name search portal, to replace the original domain name, officially reached the Internet search battle group. Ding Lei has high hopes for the search, I hope it has a prominent performance in the Chinese search market within three years.

Ding Lei on a search conference "shelling" now the domestic search engine industry: "the search engine companies to favor their own products and services through the search now, which on the whole industry credibility is very negative. NetEase does not favor its own products."

on the day before the announcement of the search portal NetEase, third party survey company is looking forward to consulting the results of this year’s domestic search engine market survey. In all the surveyed cities, Baidu’s market share of 65.8%, Google’s market share of 22%, equivalent to Baidu’s 1/3. and YAHOO’s market share fell out of the top three search engines list. Sogou to 2.9% of the market share of more than YAHOO to become the country’s top third search engines. Chinese Internet search industry is entering a new era of separatist warlords. Therefore, the NetEase to enter the "search portal, search industry opportunity is reverie.

in fact, NetEase search Youdao test version on the line in December 2006, and in December 2007 released the official version. Youdao search type has been included in web pages, blogs, pictures, news, mass dictionaries and other applications, NetEase has become one of the core business segments.