Jingdong 11 3C sales during the period exceeded twenty million to establish electricity supplier ind

on the evening of November 11th, Jingdong 3C division in Beijing, Jingdong headquarters held a press conference to announce the total sales data of Jingdong 3C category 11 products during the dual period of. Since the beginning of November 1st zero, in 11 days of Jingdong double 11 promotion, Jingdong platform cumulative sales of 3C products totaled 28522383, and constantly refresh 11 double sales records. The mobile phone real time total sales amounted to 2874031, total sales of digital products in real time a total of 11313209 pieces of IT real time total sales totaled 14335134. At the same time, these data are still growing rapidly. The public release of real-time data in eleven during the double, to real data, real power strong position in eleven appearances, two largely two turn from a guest into a host, thanks to the Jingdong’s trick: Skynet and real data.

fraud and scalping Skynet zoom trick

as early as October 26th, Jingdong held a buy 3C letter Jingdong media communication will be. At the meeting, the Jingdong 3C division president Wang Xiaosong to the manufacturers and the media show the Jingdong’s anti scalping anti false trading "Skynet", and said will be held during the double eleven sales figures. At the same time, Jingdong’s data testing room will be open to the media at any time. Jingdong wants to take this to ensure the authenticity of the consumer online shopping environment, so that people get rid of the proliferation of fake fake platform and other bad behavior caused by bad behavior.

It is reported that

, in the double 11 period, the Jingdong "Skynet" intercept malicious requests up to block malicious account one hundred and forty million times, Shuyiyiliangqianwan. In the face of brush single data so amazing, the Jingdong said Skynet can do their interception rate of 95%. Do not miss any cheating, this feat can be seen as a contribution to the industry. You know, Ali accounted for more than 50% of the electricity supplier retail industry share, and in which fake, scalping, false trading has almost become the industry is difficult to eradicate the disease. Skynet for three cheating by seckill, significantly reduce people’s confidence in online shopping and online shopping cost. This is not only a small step to intercept false transactions, but also a big step to improve the entire electricity supplier industry atmosphere.

real data quality assurance can also guarantee sales

frankly, the authenticity of the data is particularly important for manufacturers. In addition to directly reflect sales, the real sales data to explore conducive to consumer interests, the real data can also be with the Jingdong through the most attention to the highest selling brand, users of the brand, most users love a single product, and other dimensions of the announcement, make manufacturers more accurate interpretation of consumer products for opinions and suggestions to produce more real and evaluate its market position and product positioning. At this point, taobao.com has been regarded as hopeless., was unable to cope with the crisis.

Jingdong throughout the 3C’s industrial layout, is not limited to a single sales platform, but to change the whole industry chain integration >