Ali, Tencent PK mobile providers really fight hand to hand with

mobile social electricity supplier model is not mature real intention is still the flow of Ali, said: the future of micro-blog’s online transactions or offline businesses can be directly consumed by micro-blog customers daily consumption."

Tencent said: Micro shop to the."

mobile social networking has become the focus of the field of the two major Internet giants, the use of mobile social development electricity supplier, is the mobile internet background, the only real features of the electricity supplier form. The following "IT times" reporter will assess the overall situation of the development of the two sides, a probe into their mobile social electricity supplier roadmap.

Payment mode:

are not mature and earn greater than the real

Micro-blog + Alipay

is only a "semi-finished"

the model does have a lot of imagination. Ali announced that micro-blog and Alipay will open account, micro-blog paid include online transactions and offline payment.

according to the actual experience, the account open, users still need to connect to the web version of the product page from micro-blog product page, in order to complete the payment, eliminating the previous micro-blog commodity links can only enter the store page, two login step, but with the imagination, seamless cooperation directly click on the micro-blog Alipay products will be able to jump page there is still not a small gap.

strictly speaking, micro-blog payment can only be considered semi forming state. However, there is one detail very worthy of attention, and Alipay had only supports mobile terminal free transfer is the same, the micro-blog and Alipay account exchange, also limited to the mobile terminal, Ali tried to through mobile social networking platform similar to WeChat and WeChat compete to the nature of the mobile terminal traffic purpose is very obvious.


is only third place to test the water

WeChat circle of friends in the micro shop in fact, can only be regarded as semi forming state.

from the operation of the process, to share pictures of goods, click Select view details, you can buy directly, the process smoother than micro-blog. However, it is understood that the current micro shop only by third party service operators, and the relationship between Tencent is not clear, therefore, the current efforts to promote WeChat is not large, the propaganda effect is greater than the actual situation.

previously, Tencent said that when the time is ripe, will launch WeChat electricity supplier platform, the introduction of more business cooperation, but for now, the possibility of testing the water through the third party service agencies greater.


summary of products or semi mature, but this battle is playing out, the product can develop slowly, but it is not the user habits. From the point of view of the actual use of convenience, WeChat win.

mobile terminal platform to build: two have no advantage to speak of

Micro-blog + Alipay

from see to buy


announced that micro-blog and Alipay cooperation in Ali, micro-blog completed the latest version.