Not leading the love full Gaopeng group purchase website micro-blog selection start

February 21st news, recently, by an independent group purchase navigation site 800 in Sina micro-blog launched the "Groupon friends before you most love the group purchase website" quietly started voting.

coming stormin, Groupon has not yet officially landed Chinese group purchase market, industry is already a jittery. On speculation that the Groupon will be used for which domain, whether and how to cooperate with Tencent, will use customized according to demand this new mode of group purchase, Sina micro-blog on a program called Groupon to friends before you most love the group purchase website "quietly start voting. The poll by the country’s largest independent buy navigation website group launched 800, covering the top ten annual sales revenue of the top 2010 site, in just a few days, nearly a thousand people vote.

according to the voting results, the right of domain name infringement question Gaopeng manzuo creative support rate of 17% ranked second and leading, but not to cooperate with Groupon by the Tencent independent operation of QQ group purchase, currently accounts for only 1% of the vote, failed to enter the top ten, see photo.

last week, Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong mall through micro-blog group purchase company to "Groupon China criticism into China" overreact, he believes that China companies need not fear but there is no need to form alliances, excellent China company can single-handed beat Groupon, which caused some controversy in the industry, the pros and cons are There are plenty of people who. Liu Qiangdong’s point of view, from one side reflects the Groupon to participate in the domestic industry competition will be extremely difficult to buy. In this regard, buy Consumer experts, the group 800 co-founder Hu Chen believes that the group is a very focused on the localization of the experience of the Internet business, China’s market is very different from the United States and the United states. According to the statistics of the group of 800, by the end of last year there have been 1700 group purchase website, far exceeding the number of similar sites in the United States; secondly, the consumer discount rates than Groupon in the United States to 50 percent off is much lower, 800 of the average is 67% off point group. In addition, China’s local payment credit system, the quality of service providers and the status of logistics delivery, but also led to a lot of Chinese characteristics, the way to buy and problems. In the face of these challenges, Groupon need to be more focused on the needs of Chinese consumers, and a pragmatic and prudent attitude to do business, it is possible to catch up with the current industry rivals.


according to 800 statistics, the annual sales income of 2010 group purchase website TOP10 (in alphabetical order): beauty, full, handle, rice, 24 coupons, 58 group purchase, public comment, tick group, F group, QQ group purchase.