Google has refused to invest in the hot start-ups inventory


has refused to invest in Google’s hot start-ups inventory

Google venture capital investment of many successful start-ups, such as home thermostat manufacturers Labs and Nest The Resort Apartments rental site HomeAway. In Silicon Valley, Google has begun to play a pivotal role. However, in recent years, the emergence of a number of valuable start-up companies, Google VCs have not been able to share a cup of soup. The typical representatives are Instagram, Pinterest, GitHub and Path.


Instagram not long ago, $1 billion was acquired by Facebook. Instagram in April this year, Facebook to $1 billion acquisition, and now the number of active users reached 12 times the acquisition. Despite the poor performance of Facebook shares, but the market value of about $42 billion. 2011, Instagram valuation of $100 million.


Pinterest recently raised $1 billion 500 million valuation of $100 million. Pinterest recently to $1 billion 500 million valuation of $100 million, its user participation is actually higher than Facebook. Taking into account the Pinterest revenue, its valuation should be around $2 billion.


GitHub valuation of about $500 million. GitHub, a software management and collaboration tool, is one of Google’s biggest companies. According to the estimated annual revenue of $50 million, the company valued at approximately $500 million.


Path recently raised $250 million valuation of $30 million. Path is a social network specifically for close friends and family. It has only a mobile version. Although the number of active users and revenue is not high, but it is a lot of people, including Mark (Mark Zuckerberg), including close attention to the target. Recently, the company to $250 million valuation of $30 million financing.

this article compiled from Businessinsider