Product manager mind to remember two words off your bird thing and off my bird thing

some friends recently met me, will be concerned about, said: "you have a lot of thin ah, do not let yourself so tired, so bitter ah," I said, is tired, but not bitter, sweet heart.

do things to have: mule character and artisan spirit

I am from Hunan, we sum up the character of Hunan is a mule character, I think this analogy is quite appropriate. A mule is a very strange animal, able to stand around a point to turn hundreds of laps will not be irritable, is the most tolerant of dry and repetitive animals. Therefore, the most suitable work is to pull the mule, pull the mill to turn the day will not be in conflict, the world seems to have no other animal can do this job better. I have a friend who is a typical Hunan mule character, so I guess the feelings of their own, the mule may not feel that this repetition and monotony is a very painful thing, but it may be very enjoyable.

because of my own feeling is that, at the same time to do a few things will feel very painful, but if only let me do one thing, I can enjoy the matter to insist on doing one hundred times, the one thousand. This is what I do in the process of making the reader. These two years no matter where I go, will carry a palm reading reader, try this way every day, think of all the optimization ideas, encounter problems, I’ll telephone communication, or call a meeting, try again.


process is repetitive and monotonous, but I enjoy the process, constantly to polish a product process, you will look at this product is getting better, will be very happy, have a sense of achievement. Read a lot of product launches, everyone will be very sensational said how bitter, how much suffering. I think that once people feel a thing of suffering, it is difficult to adhere to, it is difficult to do very well, because the instinct of a man is to go.

now people are talking about the artisan spirit, I told my colleagues joked that no mule character is impossible to have the artisan spirit, because artisan spirit is definitely more than just to endure the monotonous and repeated, but can enjoy the process. Endure the process, there is a strong will to do, but to enjoy, this is related to the character.

do the product to keep in mind the hearts of two words: "off you bird thing" and "off my bird thing"

of course, a man with a mule is not necessarily a good workman. I think that in addition to being able to enjoy the solitude and quiet, the craftsman should also be able to hold on to himself. So we have always stressed on the product team two words, to maintain self-confidence and adhere to pure.

these two words are abstract, how to do in order to maintain confidence and adhere to the pure concrete work? We found that there are two words is very useful, if the product manager dare to say these two words, from a certain extent, be confident and pure. The first sentence is "your bird thing", the second sentence is "off my bird thing". These two words are not offensive and vulgar. In the first sentence, how do you keep yourself when you are faced with all kinds of noises and questions?