Three steps to successfully promote a product in a niche market

on the Internet by writing a product promotion process, we must first find a good theme, so how to find a unique theme? In fact, there are many methods, such as referring to the corresponding category of others through the Dmoz global directory blog description, here today to introduce a method for using keyword strategy.

1, identify niche market, select the keyword

then find a keyword, how to judge whether it is necessary to do? Here we need to use double quotes "", a friend ignored by many search engines of its syntax is simply a complete matching. We first analyze a vocabulary, such as skin care products, and then Google keyword tool background input.

Pay special attention to the selection of

fully matched, so that we can see what is completely in Google input the complete vocabulary search volume, we can see is 590, then we’ll Google search, in the end how much competition page? We can see that there are so many pages of competition 86400. It shows this is not our choice of words, the search quantity is small, and the competition page, the ideal data is the monthly search volume of about 1000, 550 to 6000 pages in the competition, because the general search large amount of vocabulary, the competition page is also very much. Identify these long tail words are the fundamental niche of wealth, so is the key. Well, we’ll see the next example, enter the keyword aupres.

This is the AUPRES

brand name cosmetics, there are many of my friends thought it was so Oubo Lai, generally the spelling of vocabulary is the ideal choice, often search volume, less competition. To continue the analysis, search volume, competition page more little, but you can find that ranked in the top 10 page weight is very low, it is easy to go beyond, OK, stop, no longer continue to discuss, because it will be more chaos, this is another key aspect of SEO, will tell you about the back. We only discuss the niche wealth here for.

The following

then continue the analysis, we found that the search volume 480, page 5940 competition, the search volume has been relatively ideal, the key is the competition only 5940 pages, so very easy to make up the vocabulary.

note: AUPRES eye cream is a can bring economic benefits for your words, is absolutely the intention of direct product flow, vocabulary, customers are running this product and come, and you can find the products business very much, single is countless, to help them promote well, write a review article or a few integrated pseudo original or go to the foreign website translation a ready-made, published to weight high site, Google included, and other customers to search, naturally buy, do not spend a minute advertising, you do not need to have customer service product or service, do not need to have the website domain name, you do not need to have technology etc..

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