Not a good title, you how hot list

has met this kind of situation? Has spent the very long time to write a beautiful article, but puts out actually discovered that reads Liang Pingping. Why? Maybe it’s because your title isn’t attractive enough. You know, the title is the first impression of the user, no matter how convincing your content, if the first impression is boring or can not be seduced into the user, then the reading will be greatly reduced. Title is the first opportunity. 10 of you will read your title in 8 people, but only 2 will read the text. The importance of the title is self-evident. A good title directly affects the amount of reading and forwarding your article.

is now an information explosion era, no one will be one at a time when looking for information, there is more to a preselected title by title, attracted to you just click to go in, especially in unfamiliar platform, has not established a trust, are relying on a title to in this, and even if you know the platform, can you deny your title will be about



the role of the title is more and more obvious, if you still deny the value of the title, I feel very sorry, you can not play the title, but you can not deny the title.


before the circle of friends some title is very popular, such as CCTV exposure, don’t you see "," thousands of people have been touched by the video "," Ma Jiajia Vanke speech: 90 do not buy a house, everyone was shocked "etc.. Some often see the suffix, such as "friends turn crazy", "turned millions of times", "burn after reading", "reading the tears". A look at the title of Hu you know people, but what is the result? The result is I still click open, not open because I will get sick, afraid of regret, and really open after you will find in general.

of course, I’m not saying that the title of the article is of no value, there are a lot of good, such as the recent good article "undercover staff Sibelius Haidilao words diary" by a large number of communication and reading, this is actually an old article two years ago, the original title is "the sea" undercover. However, no echo, to tell the truth, I do not know the beginning of this article, this is the title role. For example, "Fu Sheng commented on the Tencent acquisition of public comment, circle of friends turn crazy" this article is also very good, plus the title, has also been a large number of reading and sharing, if the title changed to "Fu Sheng Tencent" comment on the acquisition of public comment, how do you think of next, we look at the specific title of several Tianya hot Posts list (which is casually intercepted). Not a good title, you how hot the



friends say "I do not see the others killed just gave birth to a baby, naturally good skin, baby face the welfare of this title is" men and women kill men, want to see the skin how good is pretty? The woman wants to see, especially the birth of the baby more want to know how to protect.