How to do a good job The second half of 2015 micro business transformation must

micro business practitioners in 2015 to talk about the most is how to do a good job of micro business, this year’s Micro training conference also more than last year, last year is mainly product exposition, we are looking for products, and in 2015, the derivative products are no longer scarce, desire for how to sell products is very demand. Why do we take a look at why more and more traditional enterprises choose micro channel?

A: why do you want to select a micro dealer?

mobile Internet to everyone said that the traditional business transformation will die, the transition is to court death, so why the transformation? What is the problem of traditional channels.

1, what are the problems of traditional channels?

The traditional

channel supply chain length, large area, national, provincial and municipal distributors, through the layers of the final price, it is very difficult for consumers to consume, another reason why products are not prominent, too many consumers unable to store goods in many products to find products.

2, close the distance between the product and consumers, better product publicity

shorten the supply chain between the product and the consumer through the micro agent, the agent is the disseminator of the product.

3, with the trust of friends do product endorsement

good user reputation of the product is the best endorsement of trust, through the sharing of friends, you can quickly let a person who does not understand the product quickly understand the product.


two: existing micro business marketing problems may exist

1, information sharing with commercial motives may be excluded

How to allocate

2, low profit business profits? No power, high profit product prices no advantage

3, brand awareness is not high, micro business sales slow

4, micro business may bring acquaintances endorsement, but can not do brand value

5, product positioning and consumer groups may not be consistent

6, profiteering cargo micro providers exist

three: how to do micro business

1, micro business is the real driving force of wealth dream

had the desire for what people, they will have power to search for gamblers to what places will soon find many gamblers, can quickly find Internet cafes in what place, the beauty of women are always trying to make themselves better, want to make money, always try to how to make money.


micro power is the real wealth for businessmen to a number of people participated in the training, micro business people are clear, each training is filled with blood.

2, response to the traditional enterprise transformation of the three challenges