How to make the contents of the public number more powerful

whether it is a public number or public number, content is king this rule can still run amuck. Of course, the same pile of content on different channels, the need to repair pruning scissors, so that the content to adapt to the channel in order to maximize the effect.


some people do the contents of the public number than the bricks in pain every day, physical overdraft, squeeze the brains, but not what egg.

In fact,

bricks also have skills, not only to change the concept of great determination and courage. In order to allow the public to have greater power content, the following two ideas on WeChat content, I think you can refer to the next.

, only meet the reading needs of the public, what is the difference between

with salted fish?

first, WeChat mobile terminal products, mainly in the fragmentation of the time, shallow reading, interactive is the kingly way, so it’s easy to consume content fun, too seriously you die. So, the public number as professional media to do, but also do egg broken stem and high precision of the contents of all over the mountains and plains client. Public numbers should be used to meet the needs, rather than reading needs. In other words, do the purpose of WeChat public numbers should be services, rather than reading.


, the public number itself in the content presented on natural incomplete, it is difficult to organize massive content into a system, fast food content can only be the daily supply of 00 odd. But in terms of service functions such as customer service, technology development, and so there is a lot of room to play. Therefore, it is not easy to spend a lot of time on the service.


two, the content does not only refer to the article

content is a very rich connotation of the concept, it is not only the article, as well as pictures, audio and video games and tools, etc.. In simple terms, on the public number, all you see, listen to, play, and use the content.

so, the content on WeChat can try

1, activation material library

public number material library is a place to store content. And this material library should not be a warehouse, and should become a customer service.

a lot of people will ask a variety of questions around the public number, some of which are very high repetition of the problem, the material library, the first to store these high repetition of the problem, set the automatic reply. In other words, the contents of the FAQ should be included in the material library.

2, functional content

functionality mainly refers to a number of utilities, which can be stored in the WeChat menu for a long time. The most common is a variety of queries and calculations, check the weather, check the road conditions, check flights, calculate the investment income, the calculation of mortgage loans, etc.. Access to this tool, you can make your public number more useful, you can make up for the lack of good content to push.